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sukanto Kuri
Jul 06, 2022
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Graphic design is a creative process, which requires designers to have careful logical thinking, be able to synthesize and connect various information, and be good at obtaining design inspiration from life. At the same time, the designer must also have the ability to process and sublimate common materials in life, so that the graphic design works can have certain functionality while reflecting the artistry. The multi-dimensionalization of visual expression refers to the use of various forms of expression in the design content and practical means in the process of visual communication of information in graphic design, so as to improve the ability of graphic design to transmit information. Multidimensionalization is a concept that physically Image Manipulation Service expresses the dimension of space. The higher the dimension of space, the stronger its expressive ability. We are now introducing the concept of multi-dimensionality into graphic design, which is a subversion of the traditional graphic design concept, enabling graphic design to break through the limitations of space and transmit information from an all-round and diversified perspective. 2 Graphic design visual representation Multi-dimensional content The development of the Internet has made graphic design break through the simple language design mode and develop in the direction of multi-dimensionality, while multi-dimensional graphic design is more concerned with design works and presentation environments, people's consumption concepts Interaction. The content of modern multi-dimensional graphic design mainly includes the following aspects: 2.1 Multidimensionality in space The spatial presentation forms of traditional graphic design works are mostly two-dimensional. Although this spatial dimension makes the information transmission more direct, it also restricts the artistic space of the design work, making the graphic design work more intuitive. Artistic expression is weakened. The introduction of multi-dimensionality in the space of graphic design is to enrich the content of graphic design works and meet the needs of people's diversified consumption.

sukanto Kuri

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